EMR Refresher Course (Emergency Medical Responder/First Responder)

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1557 Coon Rapids Blvd  NW                               Suite # 200
Coon Rapids, MN.  55433


EMR Refresher Course


MN Board Peace Officer Post approved.  CE’s are obtained with classroom attendance.

The EMR Refresher Course for emergency medical responders is a vital part of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. The EMR is trained to get there first-the point when a difference can be made between life and death.

The re-training you are about to undergo is focused on the knowledge and skills to save a life. You will learn to comfort a patient at the height of the crisis, as well as provide care that flows seamlessly into the care given by emergency personnel on the ambulance.

Lab & Online work:  FEMA and Concussion certifications

Bring each Lab session:

  • AHA BLS CPR included in the class
  • The folder is given on the first day
  • Watch with a secondhand
  • Last day a Laptop to register with EMSRB

The EMR Refresher course is 16 hours of classroom instruction. The course includes lecture, NREMT requirements for the EMR, and also Skills review for the 5 practical skill stations.

Psychomotor skills are not included in this course.  This is an extra fee. See the Online Store for the charge.

*If you are current in your EMR certification, then you are not required to take the psychomotor skills exam. However, you will need to show competency of the  psychomotor skills.

We will cover Airway, Bleeding control, Cardiac arrest management, Vital signs, etc. Patient assessment is the main focus of this course.

The EMR Refresher course:

  1. MN Board Peace Officer Post approved. CE’s are obtained with classroom attendance.
  2. Day and Weekends sessions. See online calendar for schedules.
  3. eBook or textbook can be purchased, but this is not a requirement. Students can reuse their initial course text.
  4. AHA BLS Refresher CPR course, will be completed in class.
  5. Attendance/Cancellation policy signature required

EMR students to complete online:

    1. http://emsrblm.mn.gov – Follow prompts of yes/no. sign in and fill out EMS application for new or refreshing certifications
    2. http://training.fema.gov/is/nims.aspx – FEMA certificates requirement for all new and refreshing students. Do the sections of: 100, and 700 Print off both certificates and bring to class. No testing of practical skills if this is not completed. If this is already completed, then just bring in the copies.
    3. cattonline.com -Online concussion training link. Click the first chain link for medical professional, then start the course. When the course is complete, you a will get a certificate. Bring this to class.

A kitchen is on-site and restaurants are in the area.